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Test measurements with your samples in the laboratory of

Request for information

You are not sure if analyzing your samples with our spectrometers is possible? Instead of adapting your system to our spectrometer and software, you can also send the sample to our lab where it will be measured. Are you interested in this?

If so, please click on the link below, fill in the form and return it to the fax number of your costumer consultant. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

Test measurements

If you have any further questions we would like to contact you.

Kind of measurementWavelength range
TransmissionUV range starting at 200nm
ReflectionVIS range
TransflectionNIR range up to 2200nm
Diffuse reflectionOptional combinations of the different ranges are possible
Kind of the samples
Solid samples
Liquids and semiliquids

These are only some examples of our possibilties. If you are not sure if measuring your samples will be reasonable please contact your costumer advisor.