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For easy control of your optical oxygen sensors and measurements, GetAMO Ltd. offers "GetLabSoft". This easy-to-use software is compatible with all the sensors from GetOtwo series.

The measuring window is divided into three sections. In the upper there is a possibility to comment the result (“Comment”). This comment will be saved in the corresponding file. The measuring information and sensor information as well are displayed in the upper right corner. As long as the measurement has not been activated, the interval can be modified. This function has to be released in the “Configuration” by the administrator for the operator mode.

The middle section of the measuring window displays all available output channels of the sensor and its properties at the left hand side.

The lower part of this window shows start/stop button of the measurement incl. its time stamp. Quit this menu by the button “<<Back” in the lower right corner. Clicking “Start” implies activating the measurement. To stop current measurements just click the button “Stop” which is displayed during those current measurements.

GetLabSoft can be used for data acquisition, display of the results from the measurement, as well as configuration and calibration of the sensor parameters.

Variable measurement units and settings are user-definable, depending on the customer specific requirements.

Due to our wide range of international customers we offer the interface of the software in a number of alternative languages.

Technical specifications and design for the purpose of improvement as well as prices are subject to change without notice.
Quotations merely serve as an orientation and cannot be regarded as a firm offer. Should you be interested in buying a product, please do not hesitate to contact our sales managers. (see top level)

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