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Информация на русском языке offers compact laboratory and process instruments for quality controls during production of e.g. polymers, food or chemicals. Our analysers are based on optical measuring principles such as spectroscopy or fluorescence quenching.

Application report - polymer identification
Summing-up possible ways of determining different polymer components.
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getAlyser NIR 0017 basic / getAlyser NIR 0017c enhanced
NEW: Laboratory spectrometer system with integrated light source and turntable for reflection measurements of powders and granulates.
The measurement device has been especially designed for lab applications and can easily be connected to PC via USB.
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BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems
Compact measuring device for online monitoring of powder blending processes for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
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getCube NIR 0017 basic
Compact and mobile lab measuring system with integrated PC, spectrometer, light source and software for manifold applications.
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