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getCube NIR 0017 basic - mobile incoming goods inspection in chemical industry

Our getCube NIR 0017 basic consists of a compact analyser unit in an IP65 housing with integrated spectrometer, light source, software, embedded PC and storage battery. The external connector for measuring heads via optical fibers allows to operate with different measuring probes and accessories. Furthermore the measurement setup becomes more flexible. Therefore it is possible to analyse not only powders and solids but liquids and gels as well in transmission, reflection or absorbance. The using of the software takes place by a touch screen or conventional with mouse and keyboard. The holding time of the storage battery is 6 hours. So the using of getCube NIR 0017 basic in environmental fields should be no problem.

The main internal components operate without mechanically moving parts. The spectrometer modules are compact and miniaturised.
A mechanical hard disk can be integrated, but standard is the use of a Compact Flash memory for operating system and data. The housing made of stainless steel has IP65 sealing.

  • reductin of time-consuming lab analysis
  • fast and reliable release of delivered goods
  • no mix-up of raw materials
  • guarantees required purity levels
  • no sampling and sample transfer to laboratories
  • reduction of sample handling compared to lab analysis
  • no need of expendables for measurement
  • easiest handling - no lab staff required
  • high reproducibility and measuring accuracy at solids due to lateral measuring window

  • Goods receiving/issue
    • identification and purity control of materials delivered in tanks
    • identification of solid and pasty raw materials even in huge barrels for incoming goods inspection
    • accuracy of polymer blends / master batches of additives before manufacture
  • Recycling
    • identification of polymers and plastics
  • Quality control
    • e.g. moisture measurements in polymers
    • quality and identification verification of raw materials befor delivery
We are looking forward to contact you concerning further fields of operation!

Operator friendly
The getCube NIR 0017 basic offers a full range of custom interfaces, as Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth (Option), USB, IrDA, RS-232. So it is always easy to copy measurement results or calibrations between the unit and a data server or host system. Windows XP Embedded is used as main operating system. Light source and Battery can be exchanged from the backside. An external monitor, keyboard and mouse can be connected, but typically the internal display with touch screen will fit most needs.

With a weight of only 4 kg and its provided shoulder bag the unit is easy to carry.

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Order information
getCube NIR 0017 basic +
getProbe 90LS
mobile NIR spectrometer system, spectral range 900 - 1700nm +
reflection probe with integrated light source, smooth measuring optic at 90░
getCube NIR 0017 basic +
getProbe NIR 2005 T
mobile NIR spectrometer system, spectral range 900 - 1700nm +
transmission dip probe with 5mm layer

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