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getAlyser NIR 0017 basic - spectral NIR reflection measurement device

The getAlyser NIR 0017 basic is a spectrometer system with temperature stabilized 128 pixel detector, reflection measuring head, light source and turntable. The measurement device has been especially designed for lab applications and can easily be connected to PC via USB. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the measurement results is done via userfriendly softwares such as getSpectraSuite and SL Predictor/SL Calibration Workshop.
The measuring unit itself can be demounted for being positioned at different measurement places e.g. above conveyor belts.

Cost benefits
  • immediate measuring result = time savings
  • in situ measurements
  • no or little sample preparation
  • no delais or falsification due to transportation

Application examples
  • Quality control
    • raw material and product identification (solids, polymers, food ...)
    • moisture measurements
    • basic food analysis
  • Goods receiving
    • identification for wide product ranges

Main features
  • compact, rugged overall system for reflection measurements of powders, granulates, solids and compounds
  • needs only few lab space and can be easily handled (4kg), even mobile use possible thanks to 12V supply voltage
  • integrated turntable increases measurement spot size
  • detachable measuring unit allows further fields of application e.g. during processes
  • USB interface
  • elevated reliability for rough lab conditions as maximum voltage is only 12V
  • easy-to-use software for measurement and calibration

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getAlyser NIR 0017 basicNIR spectrometer system, spectral range
900 - 1700nm, with integrated light source
and turntable

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