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2007-09-04Visit us at the ESOPS in Austria
2007-05-29Visit us at NIR 2007 in Sweden
2007-05-07Visit us at Sensor & Test in Nuremberg!
2007-04-10New process probes
2007-03-02NIR spectrometers - new layout
2007-01-10SL Predictor + Calibration Workshop


2006-11-06Direct sale of our NIR-2.2-diode-array-spectrometer used for transmission measurements at only 12,500 Euro
2006-10-01Reflection measurments at contaminated samples
2006-09-05Apparent price reduction on our fiber optic temperature sensor getTemp
2006-09-01New spectrometer of our getSpec family: getSpec 3648
2006-08-11Application report: Mobile reflection measurement UV/VIS/NIR
2006-05-08New spectrometer USB 4000 with USB2.0 interface