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 getSpec 2048
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Miniature spectrometer getSpec 2048 x 14 for UV, VIS and NIR range

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The getSpec-2048x14 Fiber Optic Spectrometers is a back-thinned type CCD spectrometer with high quantum efficiency and high UV sensitivity. The optical design is based on the getBench-75 symmetrical Czerny-Turner design with a 2048x14 pixels high UV sensitive CCD image sensor. The image sensor is used as a linear array of 2048 pixels binning the vertical 14 pixels to optimize efficiency. The spectrometer has a fiber optic entrance connector (standard SMA, others possible), collimating and focusing mirror and a diffractional grating. A choice of 16 different gratings with different dispersion and blaze angles enable applications in the 200-1160nm range. The getSpec-2048x14 comes with a 16 bit AD converter, and USB2.0 high speed interface.

The getSpec-2048x14 is especially suitable for measuring low light, fluorescence and UV- applications. Digital IO ports enable external triggering and control of shutter and pulsed light sources from the getSpec product range.

The new getSpec-2048x14 has a USB2 interface with fast data sampling of 450 spectra per second and data transfer in 2.24 msec and supports analog in-and outputs as well. Optional BluetoothÒ (-BT) communication and an SD card for on-board saving of spectra can be added. The getSpec-2048x14-USB2 runs on USB power and comes with getSoft basic, a complete manual and USB interface cable. Multiple (up to 127) USB2 spectrometers with different detector types can be externally coupled.

Technical Parameters
Optical BenchSymmetrical Czerny-Turner, 75 mm focal length
Wavelength range200-1160 nm
Resolution 0.04 –20 nm, depending on configuration
Stray light < 0.1%
Sensitivity (getLight-HAL, 8 µm fiber)16000 counts/µW (16-bit AD) -per ms integration time
UV Quantum efficieny35-65% (200-300nm)
Detector Back-thinned CCD image sensor 2048x14 pixels
Signal/Noise 500:1
AD converter 16 bit, 1.5 MHz
Integration time 2.24 msec – 10 minutes
Data transfer speed 2.24 msec / scan
Sample speed with on-board averaging 2.24 msec / scan
InterfaceUSB 2.0 high speed, 480 Mbps or RS-232, 115.200 bps
Digital IO HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 3 Digital in, 12 Digital out, trigger, sync.
Power supplydefault USB power, 350 mA or with SPU2 external 12VDC, 350 mA
Dimensions, weight175 x 110 x 44 mm (1 channel), 716 grams

Last change 06/19/2008
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