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Reflection probe getProbe DR LS
NIR diffuse reflectance probe with 2 integrated light sources and a white reference

getProbe DR LS is the first intelligent NIR reflectance probe allowing lower cost and multiplexed NIR process systems.

Advantages of the SentroProbe DR LS:
  • 2 integrated redundant light sources
  • Internal white reference for superior long term stability (external referencing interval from months to years possible)
  • 19mm probe tip up to 1m length
  • Up to 10 years maintenance free operation
  • Large spot size of 6mm (standard version)
  • High throughput for ranges up to 2300nm
  • GmP compliant materials in product contact
  • Lower cost for fibre cables at up to 100m fibre length (operates with a single 400µm or 600µm fibre)
  • Simplifies multiplexed systems
Applications for the getProbe DR LS:
  • Solids, suspensions, granules, turbid liquids
  • Pharma, Food, Chemical, Biotech
  • Mixing, drying, granulation, peeltizing, sorting

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